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Harris Hill

Harris Hill (working title)Producer Directed by: Nick CanfieldDP: Nelson Walker III, Sam Cullman, David UsuiSound: Jo Dery Ski Jumping is a thrilling and visually breathtaking sport, but we seldom see the personal stories behind the competition – what it takes to calm your nerves and […]

Margie Joseph

Producer Director: Jonathan Mallow DP: Nelson Walker     Margie Joseph was one of the most promising singers of the mid-70s, releasing music on the iconic Stax label and then working on multiple records with music industry titan Arif Marden at Atlantic. She made music that continues […]


Handheld Producer Directed by: Rebekah Maysles The father of direct cinema, Albert Maysles redefined documentary in practice and meaning. With unfettered access to his entire filmography, including outtakes, unknown commercial works, and family footage, Handheld is the story of Albert’s life told entirely through the […]

Jerry Lee Lewis: A Life on Fire

Jerry Lee Lewis: A Life on Fire Co-Director, Producer with Paul Lovelace, Calvert Morgan The artistic and personal journey of JERRY LEE LEWIS is as epic—and harrowing—a story as any in the history of popular music. Born in Depression-era Louisiana, kicked out of Bible college […]

Robin Byrd (working title)

Robin Byrd (working title) Co-Director, Producer With Jonathan Mallow and Rebekah Maysles Robin Byrd’s seminal public access show in New York changed the world and advanced the larger culture by bringing shame-free nudity to television and influencing a generation of artists, producers, actors and musicians. […]